Spring Summer 2024 JUNGLE collection

Spring Summer 2024 JUNGLE collection

The jungle within itself has a variety of many different elements that make it beautiful, as well as powerful and particular. From the uniqueness of nature itself, to the animals it hosts inside. 

Therefore, here we present to you THE 2ND SKIN CO.’s latest collection: “JUNGLE”. 

This is a collection where the woman’s body is embraced through these many fabrics that represent strength and solidity. Along with intense colors present in animal prints, which then helps women feel confident and powerful. Through the juxtaposition of the chaotic calmness of the jungle.  

Bringing many different silhouettes that are flowy, graceful, asymmetrical, flared, pleated, voluminous, etc.


Here we have some of our JUNGLE pieces, on the left an asymmetrical kaftan animal print, made from 100% silk with an asymmetrical sleeve, a neck closure with maxi sequins and hand-embroidered crystals.

Then in the center, we have our off-the-shoulder flared midi dress with laces in mikado, with off-the-shoulder necklines and adjustable straps with lace up bows on the shoulders.

And on the right, a straight midi taffeta dress with ruffles, with a strapless neckline, and ruffles on the side, adding volume to the garment. Where you can mold the ruffles to any desired shape you want.

                                          María Pombo at the Suarez Anniversary, wearing THE 2ND SKIN CO.

Here we can see a stunning example of Spanish influencer María Pombo at the Suarez anniversary, wearing our bow neckline midi dress, which is a flared midi dress with straps made in mikado, fitted at the waist with bow neckline.


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