The Garden

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The Garden

"The Garden is the oneiric proposal of a very personal garden, where we recreate a romantic and at the same time contradictory idea of the cocktail and night concept that characterizes us so much. A night garden, full of light and color."

- Juan Carlos Fernández & Antonio Burillo. The 2ND SKIN CO.

The silhouettes of the collection

The volumes are protagonists. We play with oversize garments, big bows, maxi ruffles that move fluidly over minimal lines, finished in big puffs for shoulders and sleeves. Mini and midi dresses contrast with jumpsuits with tight bodies and skirts with XXL volumes.

The colours that inspired us

The color palette is developed from two fabrics: a lace guipure embroidered in green and nude tones and the silk gazar we propose in salmon pink, light blue and green with the same floral print as the base. We go back to black, as one of the fundamental colors of the collection, which appears both in loops and in pailletttes.

The fabrics that make us dream

The mikados, emblematic of the brand, are added to paillettes and embroidered paillettes on tweed, lighter fabrics such as tulle, silk gazar, flat taffeta and taffeta inlaid with lurex. Another highlight is the guipure lace embroidered on natural silk organza.

The accesories we crave for

Square buckle leather belts contrast with draped satin ankle boots and high-heeled sandals. The looks are closed with slopes XXL also designed by the brand.

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  1. Oversize midi dress
    Oversize midi dress
  2. Mini shirt-dress with volume
    Mini shirt-dress with volume
  3. Mini dress with corolla sleeve
    Mini dress with corolla sleeve
  4. Mini lace shirt-dress
    Mini lace shirt-dress
  5. Lace midi dress
    Lace midi dress
  6. Vestido midi con vuelo
    Vestido midi con vuelo
  7. Asymmetric mini dress
    Asymmetric mini dress
  8. Puff sleeve mini dress
    Puff sleeve mini dress
  9. Asymmetrical long dress
    Asymmetrical long dress
  10. Oversize long dress
    Oversize long dress
  11. Mini dress with corolla sleeve
    Mini dress with corolla sleeve
  12. Off-shoulders midi dress
    Off-shoulders midi dress
  13. Off-shoulders mini dress
    Off-shoulders mini dress
  14. Mini puff sleeve dress
    Mini puff sleeve dress
  15. Strapless mini dress
    Strapless mini dress
  16. Midi dress with pleats
    Midi dress with pleats
  17. Midi dress with ruffle
    Midi dress with ruffle
  18. Mini dress with ruffled neckline
    Mini dress with ruffled neckline
  19. Flare jumpsuit
    Flare jumpsuit
  20. Mini dress in embroidered tulle
    Mini dress in embroidered tulle
  21. Floral embroidery jumpsuit
    Floral embroidery jumpsuit
  22. Mini tight dress
    Mini tight dress
  23. Midi dress in paillettes
    Midi dress in paillettes
  24. Mini shirt-dress
    Mini shirt-dress
  25. Strapless mini dress
    Strapless mini dress
  26. Asymmetrical top with bow
    Asymmetrical top with bow
  27. Shirt with ties
    Shirt with ties
  28. Organza shirt
    Organza shirt
  29. Top with low sleeves
    Top with low sleeves
  30. Lace shirt
    Lace shirt
  31. Puff sleeve top
    Puff sleeve top
  32. Embroidered top
    Embroidered top
  33. Oversize top
    Oversize top
  34. Wide sleeve shirt
    Wide sleeve shirt
  35. Jacket with puff sleeve
    Jacket with puff sleeve
    Midi skirt with slit
  37. Mini skirt with volume
    Mini skirt with volume
  38. Midi paillettes skirt
    Midi paillettes skirt
  39. Lace midi skirt
    Lace midi skirt
  40. Pantalón de pinzas
    Pantalón de pinzas
  41. Mini bermuda
    Mini bermuda
  42. Wide leg pants
    Wide leg pants
  43. Mikado capri pants
    Mikado capri pants
  44. Tweed paillettes capri pants
    Tweed paillettes capri pants
  45. Leather belt
    Leather belt
  46. Midi dress with wide skirt
    Midi dress with wide skirt
We seek the highest quality garments, made by the best ateliers and couture craftsmen in Spain. 100% Made In Spain.
We believe in sustainable development with a short cycle based on local production and a minimal carbon footprint.