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Born in the XVII century in Jerez de la Frontera, Tabancos are establishments where the concept of social tavern mixes with sipping Jerez wines. Gathering places where Flamenco is sung and new talents are discovered...

"Tabancos is a whisper, a breeze of fresh air, a cheerful ‘bulería’ with a melancholic tone, a flamenco symphony. They are inspired by the south of Spain, by Andalucía, by Jerez and its characteristic horses, bars and long celebrations that last from evening till sunrise..."

- Juan Carlos Fernández & Antonio Burillo. The 2ND SKIN CO.

The silhouettes of the collection

Marked waist are in contrast with dress folds that originate wide volumes; beret sleeves and gigot sleeves; large ruffles on the skirts, the breast, the shoulders and the back: length goes from mini, to midi, to full length both for skirts and dresses; volumes are limited and well structured.

The colours that inspired us

Starting from the colour palette of the main print, the colour variety subtly reaches the blues and dusty pinks and red as well as neutral colours such as black and white.

The fabrics that make us dream

Silk gazars in printed and unprinted version; laces and natural silk organzas with or without hand embroidered floral applique; stretch cotton; hammered jacquard; iridescent paillettes; ottoman.

The shoes we crave for

Glitter and degrade effect on platforms with high square heel shoes in rose and gold tone realized exclusively by Serena Whitehaven for THE 2ND SKIN CO.

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  1. Flower dress
    Flower dress
  2. Short strapless dress
    Short strapless dress
  3. Ruffled Chest Dress
    Ruffled Chest Dress
  4. Puffed short dress
    Puffed short dress
  5. Strapless flower dress
    Strapless flower dress
  6. Short skirt with ruffles
    Short skirt with ruffles
  7. Short sleeveless dress with ruffles
    Short sleeveless dress with ruffles
  8. Martelé mini dress
    Martelé mini dress
  9. Strapless martelé dress
    Strapless martelé dress
  10. Short dress with pleats
    Short dress with pleats
  11. Long organza embroidered dress
    Long organza embroidered dress
  12. Short embroidered organza dress
    Short embroidered organza dress
  13. Sleeveless embroidered dress
    Sleeveless embroidered dress
  14. Martelé dress with ruffles
    Martelé dress with ruffles
  15. Long print dress
    Long print dress
  16. Organza dress with puffed sleeves
    Organza dress with puffed sleeves
  17. Short print dress
    Short print dress
  18. Martelé dress
    Martelé dress
  19. Mikado midi dress
    Mikado midi dress
  20. Pailllettes midi Dress
    Pailllettes midi Dress
  21. Strapless paillettes dress
    Strapless paillettes dress
  22. Short paillettes dress ruffles
    Short paillettes dress ruffles
  23. Long paillettes dress
    Long paillettes dress
  24. Leather belt
    Leather belt
  25. Top with ruffles
    Top with ruffles
  26. Embroidered lace shirt
    Embroidered lace shirt
  27. Cotton stretch skirt
    Cotton stretch skirt
  28. Top with ruffles
    Top with ruffles
  29. Cotton stretch trousers
    Cotton stretch trousers
  30. Martelé skirt
    Martelé skirt
  31. Shirt with ruffle cuffs
    Shirt with ruffle cuffs
  32. Mikado coat
    Mikado coat
  33. Embroidered trousers
    Embroidered trousers
  34. Print top
    Print top
  35. Cotton stretch trousers
    Cotton stretch trousers
  36. Organza top
    Organza top
  37. Print trousers
    Print trousers
  38. Long embroidered lace dress
    Long embroidered lace dress
  39. Organza shirt
    Organza shirt
  40. Lace midi dress
    Lace midi dress
  41. Lace top
    Lace top
  42. Lace Mini Dress
    Lace Mini Dress
  43. Lace shirt with pockets
    Lace shirt with pockets
  44. Lace skirt
    Lace skirt
  45. Lace shirt
    Lace shirt
  46. Strapless embroidered lace dress
    Strapless embroidered lace dress
  47. Shirt with flower
    Shirt with flower
  48. Paillettes skirt
    Paillettes skirt
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