Ready to Shine

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Ready to Shine

"Ready to Shine" is a tribute to that special moment in which a woman needs and wants to show the world all her power... and that's when we want her to wear one of our designs."

- Juan Carlos Fernández & Antonio Burillo. The 2ND SKIN CO.

The silhouettes of the collection

Oversize volumes, long, midi and short. Corolla skirts with marked waist, straps with a bias cut. Embroidered flowers made by hand at the pockets and the necklines. Strapless structures at different heights.

The colours that inspired us

Colors that go from black and white as a base for the neutrals and reach lime, rose and blue.

The fabrics that make us dream

Natural silk organzas, silk and cotton mikados, taffetas, glazed taffeta, satin cotton, lurex organza, technical details, plumetti, popelin. Two versions of print fabric and color: prints with blue background and black background with floral motifs in lime and light blue.

The shoes we crave for

Shiny leather sandals with closed tip and open heel. Patent leather mules. Combined in black and lime or black and light blue with tiny black bows. Diadems of floral motifs made by hand in the same fabrics as the dresses.

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Shopping Options
  1. Black dress with straps
    Black dress with straps
  2. Black stretch cotton dress
    Black stretch cotton dress
  3. White popelin dress
    White popelin dress
  4. Pink offshoulders dress
    Pink offshoulders dress
  5. White taffeta dress
    White taffeta dress
  6. White dress with kimono sleeves
    White dress with kimono sleeves
  7. Pink mikado dress
    Pink mikado dress
  8. Mini glacier taffeta dress
    Mini glacier taffeta dress
  9. Long glacier taffeta dress
    Long glacier taffeta dress
  10. Sleeveless blue mikado dress
    Sleeveless blue mikado dress
  11. Blue mikado dress
    Blue mikado dress
  12. Print gazar dress with straps
    Print gazar dress with straps
  13. Organza strapless dress
    Organza strapless dress
  14. Long print organza dress
    Long print organza dress
  15. Yellow iris organza dress
    Yellow iris organza dress
  16. Long iris organza dress
    Long iris organza dress
  17. Long blue organza dress
    Long blue organza dress
  18. Long pink organza dress
    Long pink organza dress
  19. Pink plumeti dress
    Pink plumeti dress
  20. Long blue plumeti dress
    Long blue plumeti dress
  21. Blue plumeti strapless dress
    Blue plumeti strapless dress
  22. Black mikado strapless dress
    Black mikado strapless dress
  23. White mikado mini dress
    White mikado mini dress
  24. White paillettes long dress
    White paillettes long dress
  25. Vestido camisero en paillettes
    Vestido camisero en paillettes
  26. Paillettes dress
    Paillettes dress
  27. Pink mikado strapless jumpsuit
    Pink mikado strapless jumpsuit
  28. Strapless mikado dress
    Strapless mikado dress
  29. Long v-neck dress
    Long v-neck dress
  30. Long iris organza dress
    Long iris organza dress
  31. Long pink organza dress
    Long pink organza dress
  32. Long blue plumeti dress
    Long blue plumeti dress
  33. Black organza top
    Black organza top
  34. White popelin shirt
    White popelin shirt
  35. Pink shirt
    Pink shirt
  36. White plumeti top
    White plumeti top
  37. Blue organza shirt
    Blue organza shirt
  38. White organza shirt
    White organza shirt
  39. White organza top
    White organza top
  40. Blue organza top
    Blue organza top
  41. White top
    White top
  42. Black jacket
    Black jacket
  43. Black long skirt
    Black long skirt
  44. Black mini skirt
    Black mini skirt
  45. Midi print skirt
    Midi print skirt
  46. Black pants
    Black pants
  47. Blue shorts
    Blue shorts
  48. White organza shorts
    White organza shorts
We seek the highest quality garments, made by the best ateliers and couture craftsmen in Spain. 100% Made In Spain.
We believe in sustainable development with a short cycle based on local production and a minimal carbon footprint.