Magna Magnolia

Spring - Summer 2022

Magna Magnolia

“We dedicate this collection to the magnolia. A flower that in ancient China, was called The Flower of the Emperor, since only he had the property of it. When the Emperor handed it over, it became a meaningful gesture of respect. The magnolia is associated with dignity and joy, with nobility of spirit, perseverance and love of nature. And in ancient art, it is a symbol of feminine sweetness and beauty.…”

- Juan Carlos Fernández & Antonio Burillo. The 2nd Skin Co.

The silhouettes of the collection

“Magna Magnolia” is a collection of structured silhouettes, where the fabric marks the cadence of the pattern. Within this wide repertoire, armed dresses are shown in contrast to others with more fluid lines. The long and midi dress is once again the protagonist in a coming and going of allegories to the identity sign of the brand in its most cocktail and day models.

The common thread of the collection comes from the interpretation of this floral figure. The important multicolored magnolias in lace, applied by hand on the different fabrics of the collection, painted by hand, or embroidered on tulle with marked lines that simulate the silhouette of the flower, stand out as the most representative elements.

The bows in their different sizes and versions continue to be present as an imprint of the brand, referring to that sweetness and femininity mentioned at the beginning.

The colours that inspired us

We propose a wide color palette as if it were a roll of the dice, playing at random with the delicate and diverse colors of the magnolia, such as pinks, yellows, whites, greens and browns. Its intense smell is reflected in the fluor tones, where in the collection, as in the flower, it is one of its most representative characteristics.

The fabrics that made us dream

Organza, satin and silk muslin, along with linen and raffia, are the natural fibers that take us into that bucolic world inspired by the magnolia. Taffeta, jacquard, crepe and embroidered tulle complete this game of textures that gives shape to "Magna Magnolia".

Special thanks to

Lancôme Paris (maquillaje), Cuplé (zapatos), Niflowers by Raquel Redondo (florista)

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