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Lucky 27

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Lucky 27

“We present our collection number 27, a collection wrapped in the positive mystery that defines chance. Lucky 27 is a calm, elegant and sophisticated proposal, a cocktail world that we set in the streets of a city where, from the fog that invades it in a winter sunset emerges - under the light of a dim lamppost - a group of women who seek and find their own destiny by wearing coats, jumpsuits and dresses in black and lilac volumes marked by XXL frills and embroidered feathers. 2 and 7 are our numbers of luck, destiny, satisfaction and abundance, so we dedicate our 27th collection to good fortune."

- Juan Carlos Fernández & Antonio Burillo. THE 2ND SKIN CO.

The silhouettes of the collection

The volumes presented in the previous collection evolve in "Lucky 27" creating a theatrical game of contrasts. The mini and midi dresses with a straight cut, with some variations in the tighter mini dresses, have large bows and frills on the back. Straight skirts with side openings and feather finishes in their paillettes tweed versions. Long dresses that are structured with fitted bodies and corolla skirts creating a contrast of volumes accentuated by extra long belts with fall, wide ties, and embroidered in feathers. Skinny pants or shorts are high and short..

The colors that inspired us

The main chromatic axis is composed of natural silk print gazars, as well as orange and black micropaillettes. Around those, a whole world of blues, lilacs, oranges, grays and pinks hegemonized by the color black, a black we wanted to give more prominence in our latest collections.

The fabrics that make us dream

We use a wide variety of fabrics, most emblematic of the brand, such as print gazars on natural silk, taffetas, crepes and wool crepes, tweeds with embroidered micro paillettes, tulles and plumetti. Including new bets such as lace, laminated lace that create leather effect, or wool cloth for coats and jackets.

The accessories we crave for

Extra long belts with fall in gros grain with rhinestones buckle. Booty and peep toes sandal, with ankle-length closure in the case of the sandal, both in lace. In particular, accessories inspired by the Samsung SMARTgirl woman have been made. Accessories for wearable technology designed for a SMARTgirl who, like THE 2ND SKIN CO women, are free, unique and inspiring for other women. Some models will wear bracelets made exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatch, and some wallets in plumetti that reveal the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone thanks to its transparencies.

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