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For Valentina

“Valentina is a baby chihuahua who came into our lives only few months ago. Valentina’s spirit and presence has had such a positive impact that we decided to name our new collection Spring Summer 2016 after her."

- Juan Carlos Fernández & Antonio Burillo. The 2nd Skin Co.

The sewing patterns that we seek

Straight cut for trousers and coats combined with high-waisted full skirts, whose volumes extend almost to the ankle. Midi lengths are mixed with mini-dresses representing a modern version of classic femininity. Patterns achieve a romantic minimalism throughout The 2nd Skin Co. quintessential elements such as floral embroidery, creases and draping fabrics.

The colours that inspire us

The collection “For Valentina” develops a range of soft colours that go from pink to yellow, combined with a neutral white colour. Tones are pearly and occasionally ambiguous. Metallic nuances shape an eclectic palette to suit various moments of the day.

The fabrics that make us dream

Although unusual in our collections, Jaquard and Cotton Gaza fabrics are base elements of the day wear. Hard raffias as well as smooth or lurex taffetas are enriched by metallic textures which give special brightness to the collection. Organza, hand-embroidered laces, fil coupé that suit a dream world of magical evenings.

The shoes we walk with

The shoes of this The 2nd Skin Co. collection are made of patent leather by Anton Heunis jewelry.

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  1. Jacquard strapless dress
    Jacquard strapless dress
  2. Embroidered pink strapless dress
    Embroidered pink strapless dress
  3. Crystals & flowers pink mini-dress
    Crystals & flowers pink mini-dress
  4. Pink long dress with bow
    Pink long dress with bow
  5. Pink paillettes strapless dress
    Pink paillettes strapless dress
  6. Pink paillettes dress
    Pink paillettes dress
  7. Embroidered mini-dress
    Embroidered mini-dress
  8. Striped dress with bow
    Striped dress with bow
  9. Lurex long striped dress
    Lurex long striped dress
  10. Flowered & bow sleeveless top
    Flowered & bow sleeveless top
  11. Flowered skirt
    Flowered skirt
  12. Paillettes strapless mini-dress
    Paillettes strapless mini-dress
  13. Pink paillettes trousers
    Pink paillettes trousers
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