January is one of the coldest months of the year in our country but, who said that when it is cold you can not dress with style ?

We have always included in our winter collections outerwear that accompanies cocktail dresses and events for the most glamorous looks but also for more casual looks as we did in our latest collection L'Hiver for Autumn/Winter 18-19.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.looks-frio2.JPG
Wool maxi coat from L´Hiver Collection
THE 2ND SKIN CO.looks-frio1.jpg
Looks from L´Hiver Collection

Fabrics such as mohair, wool, fur or tweed are always our favorite to bring elegance to the warmer looks, always looking for cuts and patterns that enhance the female silhouette, although low temperatures require more layers of clothing.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.looks-frio3.jpg
Maxi coat from Porcelain collection

We always look for that chic touch in the garments that provide style but never lose their functionality and therefore we always bet on the warmer fabrics, but at the same time light. We play with volumes and silhouettes so that each woman feels unique and special in any situation.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.looks-frio4.jpg
Looks from Soul Collection
THE 2ND SKIN CO.looks-frio5.jpg
Maxi coat from Soul Collection