We are about to start with the wedding season and various events and, like every year, our atelier begins its incessant transfer of visits from women in search of the ideal look for each event. As usual and by tradition, it is inevitable that every woman, when thinking about the perfect style for this kind of occasions, always think of dresses. For our part, it is also true that we tend to design a greater number of dresses than other types of garments, perhaps because of the influence that the great ladies of the 50s have on our way of seeing femininity.

While it is true that the dress is the ideal garment for occasions in which the woman wants to show elegant, sophisticated and feminine, there are other less popular options, but equally ideal, with which to achieve this goal.

The pants can be a perfect proposal, and just as valid as a dress, to attend, for example, a wedding, as long as we combine it with top parts and accessories that complete a perfect look. This is the case of these three Miami proposals, from our 2017 capsule collection, which defend with elegance and sophistication the qualities of the pants as a perfect option to attend an event.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.proceso-novias1

On the other hand jumpsuits or shorts can also be a perfect and original option for younger girls as long as dresscode allows it. We can not forget either the eternal combination of elegance with looks composed of white blouse and black pants. These three options are looks from our Ready To Shine collection for the Spring-Summer 2018 season.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.proceso-novias2

But, since we know that it is complicated to give up the dress on these occasions, we also propose some options that are perhaps less common in shapes and fabrics. The mini dress can be as elegant as the classic midi or the long, so in all our collections we propose several lengths and, in the case of New York, our capsule collection 2018, in addition to the length we wanted to play with the volume designing minimalist but elegant and feminine dresses. And what about the classic shirt dress? It can be a perfect option for an event in which to look for discretion and elegance above all.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.proceso-novias1