The most special dress ...

The most special dress ...

It is said that the wedding dress is the most special dress in a woman's life and it is true that for many women, making decisions about the dress they will wear on their “day” is a complicated and arduous process that turns into a decisive moment in his life.

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Creating one dress from prêt-à-porter collection

But every woman is a world and there is also another type of women who want this decision making to be as easy and light as possible because, after all, the important thing is to feel beautiful, comfortable and special with the wedding dress.

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In the creating process

This type of women were the ones that led us to create our prêt-à-porter bridal collection . Women who come to our atelier with very clear ideas, looking for a very marked style in elegant, feminine and special dresses, but who prefer that the search process of the ideal dress does not get too complicated and that they know that their personality fits with a of our proposals. That's why we even give them the chance to buy their dress in our online store so they do not give up on style but do not waste so much time making this type of decision.

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Thinking on the details

Because the most special dress for a bride is always the one that makes her feel unique.