The dress

The dress

In every collection there are always some dresses that, for some reasons, stand out above the other proposals for cocktails and events. In our "Ready To Shine" collection Spring-Summer 2018 there is a dress that, by popular acclaim, has become "the dress".

THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestido-rts6.JPG
At the backstage before the show.

Although each piece of each collection is special for us sometimes some dresses, either because they are more colorful, because its creation process has been more special or because the final result is spectacular they become authentic protagonists of the collection.

In this case, it is true that it is one of our favorites, but both stylists and magazines, clients and photographers have coincided by choosing the long dress in blue plumeti and black contrasting straps as the hallmark of this collection.

This is the reason why this creation has become the most popular piece of the Spring-Summer 2018 collection occupying editorial pages and several places in social networks. Maybe also because this dress gathers all the keys of the philosophy of THE 2ND SKIN CO., based on femininity, exclusivity and distinction, without forgetting the essence of the "Ready To Shine" collection in which the ties, freshness and delicacy of the colors of spring and delicate and light fabrics are the protagonists That is why from here we have decided to pay it a small tribute.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestido-rts1.jpg
Backstage picture before the show
THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestido-rts2.jpg
”The dress” in Elle Croatia
THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestido-rts3.jpg
”The dress” in one of our events at Gran Meliá Palacio de los Duques
THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestido-rts4.png
Oxxo Wedding editorial
THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestido-rts5.jpg
”The dress” at the fitting before the show
THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestido-rts7.jpeg
”The dress” in our atelier