THE 2ND SKIN CO. founders

There is no better adventure than diving into the void seeking one’s dreams. Looking forward and facing new challenges, aiming for new illusions, new experiences ... and here we stand, ten years after the birth of THE 2ND SKIN CO., craving for new horizons, eager to reach new goals that make our firm what we always dreamt for : a reference in the design of exclusive cocktails and evening gowns. Delicate and distinctive garments, but, more importantly, pieces that make every woman feel unique, feminine and sensual.

celebrities that have trusted THE 2ND SKIN CO.
Celebrities that have trusted THE 2ND SKIN CO.

And, acknowledging that twenty years (as Carlos Gardel sand in his famous Tango) are nothing, our ten years are just the beginning of a beautiful adventure that has just begun. We roll over our sleeves and thread the needle of literature to tell from this little corner the best kept secrets of our firm, the most special moments and milestones that have made THE 2ND SKIN CO. Our dream comes true.

red candy by THE 2ND SKIN CO.
An iconic dress by Red Candy

So, ten years later , having enjoyed, suffered, fought and dreamt equally, we invite you to join us in this new adventure that we have called "The Essentials", where you can discover what is most important for us: the essence of THE 2ND SKIN CO.

red candy by THE 2ND SKIN CO.
Jamie King and most famous print

Here begins our new adventure, would you care to join us?