In these moments in which the tradition gives way to modernity and in which overexposure in the social media environment allows to open borders and know and compare new trends, the range of possibilities when choosing a style becomes an adventure for Women who are looking for the perfect dress for their wedding day.

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María dress from our prèt-â-porter bridal collection

At our brand we constantly think about the needs of each woman and we have understood that the brides of this age no longer want to be princesses. Do not look in the dress of your dreams, for endless tails, or veils made in fabrics with history. They think of their wedding day as a day to enjoy love, their people and the party that gathers them all. A party in which the summum is to be the center of all eyes without sacrificing comfort at dancing, jumping, eating, kissing ... For this reason, at THE 2ND SKIN CO., we have designed some short bridal dresses for those women with character and personality who seek comfort first and foremost, without sacrificing style, elegance and sophistication.

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María dress from our prèt-â-porter bridal collection

Because a short wedding dress can be a perfect choice for a bride who dares to break stereotypes and enjoy until the last second of her wedding day. A bride who bets for comfort and whose personality excels over tradition.

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Vera dress from our prèt-â-porter bridal collection