The perfect outfit from Ready To Shine

The perfect outfit from Ready To Shine

Like every season and as with every collection, with Ready To Shine, our Spring / Summer 2018 collection, we are already thinking about the dresses that will become your favorites to attend events, cocktails or, simply for those occasions in which shine is the objective. For us it is very difficult to choose between all the dresses that we design for each collection but there are always some that from the first moment are outlined as star designs of the proposal.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestidos1a
One of our beloved dresses from "Ready To Shine" collection.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestidos2
Large dress with organza flowers from "Ready To Shine".

It is also true that, generally, when we think of dressing THE 2ND SKIN CO. women we think of elegant dresses, but there are also other alternatives of looks with skirts of different lengths, long pants or shorts or even blazers that sometimes amaze our customers even more than any of our dresses.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestidos4
Midi skirt and organza flowers top from "Ready To Shine" collection.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestidos6
Diferent outfits from "Ready To Shine".
THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestidos1
"Ready To Shine" minimal dresses.

And it is that, compared to the classic long dress, perfect for a night event, or the mini dress preferred by the most daring women for a day cocktail, we always try to give different options, create different looks not only based on the use of the dress to go ideal to an event. Our clients and friends have shown us over the years that other alternatives can be as ideal and elegant as dresses.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestidos9
A blazer outfit from "Ready To Shine".
THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestidos10
Capri pants and top from "Ready To Shine".
THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestidos11
Mini dress from "Ready To Shine".
THE 2ND SKIN CO.vestidos5
One of our mostcheerful dresses from "Ready To Shine".

For this reason, one of the funniest parts of our work, and that in this Spring / Summer 2018 collection has been patent, is to explore the different options to dress women in an elegant, original and always feminine way, designing a wide variety of possibilities to dress in events and special occasions, always thinking of the small details that make each of our special pieces and that complicate the task of choosing one of the looks as a favorite.

THE 2ND SKIN CO. vestidos7
Details of a "Ready To Shine" dress.
THE 2ND SKIN CO. vestidos8
Jumpsuite from "Ready To Shine".