This is Ready To Shine

This is Ready To Shine

September is always a great month for Fashion sector and especially for us who look forward to the future and take every summer ending as a new opportunity to set new horizons. September is always that moment of reflection in which we ask ourselves what we want to achieve in the coming months, as if the beginning of a new year is about. But it is not only an opportunity to dream with news and changes, it is also the time to present new collections and in this case has been the moment of "Ready To Shine" collection.

THE 2ND SKIN CO. reaytoshine1
"Ready To Shine" looks for Spring Summer 2018.

Our proposal for the upcoming Spring Summer 2018 season is, once again, an ode to the femininity that we always seek to highlight in each of our collections. With the influence of sewing and the great divas of the 50's, "Ready To Shine" collection is a tribute to that special moment in which women need and want to show the world all their power. That moment when she wants to shine with own light and in which we want that it takes one of our designs.

THE 2ND SKIN CO. reaytoshine2
"Ready To Shine" looks for Spring Summer 2018..

Our collection for the upcoming Spring Summer 2018 is composed of ultra-feminine and ultra-feminine silhouettes, based on oversize volumes, long midi and short corolla skirts, wide waistlines and pencil skirts, as well as suggestive and vaporous dresses. As special details, the Ready To Shine pieces feature elaborate cuff links, laces and floral details on necks and pockets, handmade.

THE 2ND SKIN CO. reaytoshine3
"Ready To Shine" looks for Spring Summer 2018..

Once again, all of our cocktail and events dresses are made with the flagship fabrics of THE 2ND SKIN CO. Organza made of natural silk, silk and cotton mikados, taffeta, cotton satin, plumeti, poplin and some technical finishes such as lurex will be the protagonists of our dresses next season Spring Summer 2018 in a color palette ranging from neutral black and white, up to the pink stick, lime and blue sky, protagonists of our new proposal.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.detalle-readytoshine
Details in "Ready To Shine" dresses and gowns

But in "Ready to Shine" the accessories also play an important role, especially the shoes. We have created patent leather sandals and stilettos, with open and closed toe, and mules of patent leather combined in black and lime and black and blue and adorned with ties, also protagonists of this collection. The floral diadems are the other star complement of our proposal for the next season..

THE 2ND SKIN CO. zapatos-reaytoshine
"Ready To Shine" shoes for Spring Summer 2018.