We have to confess it! Whenever we think of a special look for an event or a cocktail we tend to think of dresses as the best option to be the perfect guest, maybe a little influenced by how the haute couture collections of different brands are developed, where dresses are usually the main pieces. But, the truth is that, for us, an ideal guest at a wedding or any other special event in which the dress code allows it, can also wears pants.

In all our collections we have included a proposal based on the pants but it has not been until Lucky 27, our Autumn/Winter 19-20 collection, when we have upgraded this garment to amust .

THE 2ND SKIN CO./pantalon-invitada-perfecta.jpg
Looks with pants in our Autumn/Winter 19-20 collection

And, although it is true that dresses are always the easiest choice in terms of style, pants can be a versatile option for both day and night looks. Therefore, and in our eagerness to offer accessible luxury with our designs, this season we have created alternatives in different rich fabrics such as lace or wool crepe.

But, if we look back and see previous collections, we can show you how the pants have always occupied some place among our options for a perfect guest, gaining ground in recent years and becoming an outstanding and elegant garment that has much to contribute beyond its daily use for day to day.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./pantalon-invitada-perfecta2.jpg
Guest´s looks with trousers

So, if you are looking for a party look for the upcoming events, at THE 2ND SKIN CO. we encourage you to bet on the pants, in different fabrics and cuts, so as not to go unnoticed and also bet on comfort.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./pantalon-invitada-perfecta1.jpg
The perfect look with trousers