At this moment of the year The Garden, our Spring/Summer 2019 collection, is well known for all those sophisticated, different and elegant women who look for ideal garments and looks to attend the most special events, parties and cocktails.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./volumen-thegarden1
Tweed paillettes jacket from The Garden Collection

As we have been telling you these months, our dresses, skirts, pants and tops for this season have starred in editorials, red carpets and occasional magazine covers, and that's why most of the designs in the collection are known by many of you. It is no secret that The Garden is one of our most beloved collections and that in it we have tried to show the characteristics that define THE 2ND SKIN CO., at the same time that we try to offer our vision of accessible luxury, with a fresh proposal, youthful and chic, in it, the volume stands out as the main element.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./volumen-thegarden4
Dress with corolla sleeves from The Garden

Since our beginnings in the world of fashion design we have explored the different options of working the volume in our garments. From the neckline to the sleeves or skirts this concept provides a visual projection that automatically defines the garment. It is one of our favorite values ​​since it gives character to each design and helps us to draw and praise the female silhouette, highlighting those parts to which we want to give more value or disguising others that do not interest us so much.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./volumen-thegarden6
Top with puffed sleeves from The Garden Collection
THE 2ND SKIN CO./volumen-thegarden2
Volume in the skirt of a dress from The Garden

The volume has the ability to model a figure, enlarge it and create precise and complex architectural games, it is capable of making each of our designs special and unique.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./volumen-thegarden5
Mini dress with volume in the neckline from The Garden