A few days ago we received a wonderful picture of the american actress and model Kate Upton wearing one of our most special garments, our crinoline that accompanies V8, a black paillettes midi dress from The Garden, our Spring/Summer 2018 collection. It is a crinoline made in nude tarlatane and topped with a black satin bias that conceals the seams.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./crinolina-ss19.jpg
Midi dress with crinoline from The Garden SS19 collection

When we talk about crinolines, or cancans, we always think of invisible accessories whose mission is to give volume to dresses or skirts from the inside to add them greater consistency. This is the main function of this type of garments but at THE 2ND SKIN CO we like to take care of even the smallest details and, thus new types of creations arise, that, although they do not usually play an important role in our collections, they have their own personality and become very special designs.

This is how our last collection, Atelier Madrid for the Spring/Summer 2020 season emerged. We decided to show the interiors of our dresses, skirts and tops, taking them outside to show the work that is never seen and that embellishes our designs.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./crinolina-historia2.jpg
One of our garments to give volume to a wedding dress

But beyond the importance that we give to every detail, it should be noted that the crinoline becomes very valuable not only for its usefulness but also for its historical character. It emerged in 1856 and its great promoter was Empress Eugenia de Montijo. Europe was going through a period of economic prosperity and this was reflected in clothing so that dresses became vehicles of opulence, reflecting this economic power in a greater volume of garments. For this reason, the skirts were enlarged, increasing initially, the number of petticoats that were placed below the skirt.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./crinolina-historia.jpg
Illustration of an old crinoline

The discomfort and the weight generated by those petticoats, led to the creation of crinoline.This way of assembling the skirts has come to these days evolving to become a light and delicate piece that hides under several of our proposals designed for cocktails and events, mainly in skirts and midi dresses to which we want to give them a special volume.