We are already in summer, a beautiful time of the year in which to enjoy events and outdoor cocktails, that last from the day until the dawn. It is a season of the year in which it is not easy for the guests to choose the ideal look to dazzle at the same time as they feel comfortable, without suffering too much the high temperatures.

Therefore, from THE 2ND SKIN CO. we always think of different possibilities to offer a wide variety of dresses and garments that fit all types of events in spring or summer, mainly based on fabrics, as you can see in The Garden Collection, our last proposal for Spring-Summer 2019 season.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./tejidos-verano1
Designs from Resort 20 collection

Mikados, taffetas, lace and embroidery are some of our great allies season after season but there are other delicate and special fabrics that we use every spring as the organza and the perfect gazars for the most vaporous and fresh designs.

These fabrics are always a safe bet because they are light, almost like a caress on the skin, but they also bring extra femininity, delicacy and elegance to any look.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./tejidos-verano2
Resort 20 collection

Fabrics such as jacquard or organza lurex are also two of our favorites when it comes to working with special fabrics, which add value and shine to each garment but without being heavy when the hot weather makes an appearance.

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Jacquard and organza lĂșrex dresses