Whenever we design a new collection we face a key challenge: to dress the THE 2ND SKIN CO. woman for any type of event or cocktail that arises in that season under the premises that define our brand. Elegance, sophistication and femininity are the keys to our designs collection after collection. We try to make accessible luxury our hallmark and we look for it in special fabrics and patterns and silhouettes that make each design a delicate and different option.

But each event is a different world and each woman, in her own style, seeks to show the best version of herself for that reason in our last Lucky 27 Fall/Winter 19-20 collection, as we have done in the previous ones, we offer several options that are able to adapt to any situation. To better explain our creation process, in each collection we rely on different styles to modulate to be the perfect guest.

For the day, for example, we always think of fresh, youthful and simple options, created from light and cheerful shades, with delicate prints and ultra feminine silhouettes but at the same time elegant and sophisticated.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./vestidos-dia-invitada-ideal.jpg
Different options for a day guest

For the night, instead, we opte for dresses designed based on more sophisticated patterns and combinations. In general, the fabrics are more delicate and, although we always look for comfort in our nocturnal proposals, the silhouettes lengthen and the dresses, skirts and jackets become more sophisticated and sensual.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./vestidos-dia-invitada-ideal.jpg
Night looks for a perfect guest

We know perfectly well that an event in spring or summer is very different from one in autumn or winter so, although each season of the year can be very changing depending on the place, for spring and summer we offer options with light fabrics and lighter cuts that can live together with high temperatures, while we do not forget such details as the long sleeve to be able to survive the cool spring nights.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./vestido-invitada-ideal-dia.jpg
Looks for the perfect Spring/Summer guest

On the other hand, for the winter, we offer fabrics and patterns that provide that elegance and sophistication that we seek without forgetting to create garments that by themselves serve to dazzle while wrapping and provide enough comfort to enjoy the event or cocktail in question.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./estilos-invitada-perfecta.jpg
Looks for the perfect Autumn/Winter guest

As explained, it is always a challenge to create each collection thinking about the dress code of each guest at each event, but at THE 2ND SKIN CO. we try to think about the needs of each woman on each occasion and that is why we design based on different styles to dress the ideal guest.