The time of the year when more celebrations and events take place is comming and for these occasions we always think of special and different looks. Christmas is one of those dates in which we look for more garments for events and evening cocktails and for that perfect guest who looks for elegance, femininity and distinction in fashion, we have designed several options in our Lucky 27 collection for Fall/Winter 19-20.

At this time we have decided to bet on black, as the essential color for night events, but without giving up the more cheerful touches of color. In this sense, orange is the protagonist in two very special looks made in paillettes that are perfect for those women who are looking for a special and different look.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./looks-invitada-noche-lucky27.jpg
Night looks from Lucky 27 collection

The dress code for night events usually includes long dresses that we always associate with red carpet looks. These types of designs are one of the keys to being a perfect guest and in THE 2ND SKIN CO., based on our premise of accessible luxury, we wanted to offer different options in all our collections. This is the case of two of our most beloved dresses in our Soul collection that can be perfect options.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./looks-invitada-noche-soul.jpg
Looks for the perfect guest from Soul collection

Another key that we bet on for evening dresses is the sexiest style. For day events, we usually think of more discreet designs, but for night outfits we explore the most daring and elegant side, always in style, but looking to offer women options with which they feel beautiful, feminine and sophisticated. For this purpose, bold but elegant necklines and strategic splits that extol the female silhouette are always good allies.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./looks-invitada-noche-lhiver.jpg
Night styles from LĀ“Hiver collection