NINA Cool, the menina that wears THE 2nd SKIN CO.

NINA Cool, the menina that wears THE 2nd SKIN CO.

Las Meninas, the icon of the universal painting that we owe to the Spanish artist Diego Velázquez, are now a reason to travel around Madrid. Thanks to the project promoted by the company Gran Meliá, the City of Madrid, the Business Association of Textile Trade and Accessories (Acotex) and a dozen private sponsors in the framework of the Madrid Capital Fashion campaign, these ladies of the court of Felipe IV has been reinterpreted with a contemporary and varied style to beautify Madrid from mid-April to the end of July.

On this occasion we have had the pleasure of putting our two cents in this project with a woman like the one we have named NINA Cool and that is inspired by our latest collection for Autumn / Winter 18-19. NINA Cool is part, along with 79 other meninas, of the largest outdoor urban exhibition in Europe that is called Meninas Madrid Galería and more pieces that have been created by the artist Antonio Azzato.


In addition, these pieces will be auctioned at the end of the exhibition and part of the profits collected will go to non-profit organizations such as Aladina (children with cancer), Creáte (education) and Alenta (intellectually disabled) foundations. .

NINA Cool is in the Plaza de Colón and you can visit it until July 20. Some friends of the brand like our dear friend and influencers Lyn Slater (@IconAccidental) have already done it and have left beautiful photos like this one:

THE 2ND SKIN CO.pazvega