As we did with our latest summer collection, “The Garden” for Spring/Summer 2019, we are going to give you the opportunity to enjoy our “Atelier Madrid” Spring/Summer 2020 presentation at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid.

If you weren´t able to see our show live from our Instagram or from our website, don´t worry!, now you have another chance to see the full show.

Our dresses and garments designed for cocktails and events were the protagonists of a very special day when our favourite fabrics such as mikados, organzas or print gazaars took the runway while an opera singer was singing old melodies from Madrid, the Spanish capital where our atelier is.

One week ago we told you some details about our backstage moments and why we call this collection “Atelier Madrid”. You can read that post if you want to know the reason for this name or how we lived the moments before the Spring/Summer 2020 launching, but if you want to see the full show don´t hesitate to press the “play” button and enjoy yourself our latest show!

“Atelier Madrid”, the show