The perfect guest

The perfect guest

We are already immersed in the season of events and many of the women who come to our atelier in search of their special dress for cocktail or events always ask us about what are the keys so that their style for the event they will attend be impecable.

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One of our guest´s dresses

As we always say, in addition to the implicit norms of each event, such as not attending a wedding in a White look, or adapting the dress code at the time of the event and the type of celebration, there are no written rules that tell us how to select the perfect dress. For us, the key to success lies in balance. It's about getting an outfit that stands out without attracting attention, allowing you to see your personality, without ceasing to be special. The goal is to achieve a fixed appearance, without falling into excess, formal without being tedious, and with a touch of trend without reaching frivolity.

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Dress from Tabancos Collection, perfect for a cocktail

Achieving this goal may seem complicated but with our latest Ready To Shine Spring-Summer 2018 collection we wanted to provide several options to achieve it. The key? Elegant looks, yet simple looks that seek comfort without forgetting the feminine forms and the special details that make a dress or look spectacular.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.consejos-invitada1.jpg
Bridal dress and guest dress from THE 2ND SKIN CO.

But, above all, at THE 2ND SKIN CO., We always emphasize the importance of the guest's personality. At the time of looking for the look to be the perfect guest we always highlight as fundamental that the personality of the dress is consistent with that of the woman who wears it. The perfect guest should not feel disguised or strange in the look she is wearing. You should always recognize your style and see its improved qualities, both physical and personal, and for this it is essential to choose the Brand and the style well.

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A Tabancos collection dress with a perfect hairdress for a wedding