The greatest satisfaction that a designer can feel is to see how their dresses and garments become reality when women on the street show off their designs. One of our greatest moments of satisfaction is to see for the first time each of our creations in clients, to see how each of our dresses takes center stage in events and special occasions in which real women wear them proudly.

THE 2ND SKIN CO. It is present in more than twenty countries of the world, with more than fifty points of sale, and it is a reality that day by day we are getting closer to the clients from all over the world, but for those lovers of our firm that have more complicated access to Our stores have been offering for a long time the possibility of purchasing our designs online. For us the online sales channel is just as special as the physical sale and for that reason we take care of every detail in order to offer our clients an exquisite shopping experience.

One of our strengths since the beginning of THE 2ND SKIN CO. It has always been our direct and personal contact with each client. We get involved as much as possible in the process of creating each look, and try to advise and help each woman, always following their tastes and preferences. We have also translated this work philosophy into our online channel. We understand that for our clients the "blind" decision making can be complicated without previous tests, without feeling the touch of each fabric or without seeing how the shapes of our designs adapt to your body. Therefore, from our online team we offer a personalized shopping experience that gives you the possibility to answer any question at any time. The online orders are made by hand in our atelier, taking into account the exact measurements that each client gives us in a process that starts with the contact, by e-mail or whatsapp, to our support team that deals with the doubts and wishes in a personal way. of each of our clients and that is happy to help at any time.

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One of our online orders

Our online orders reach all corners of the world. Without going any further our model Ana from the prêt-à-porter collection of brides, has been one of the last ones to cross the world to reach Melbourne (Australia) where her owner received it with great affection, being delighted with the result.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.proceso-novias1
Online order from 2ND LAB

In addition, for some time, shipping costs to anywhere in the world are on our own, another example of our intention to satisfy our customers.