One of the issues that most interest everyone about our work is always everything related to each show. That is why, from The Essentials blog, we always try to offer all possible details so that you know our work better. On this occasion, the protagonism is for Lucky 27, our Fall/Winter 19-20 collection, and the previous minutes before its presentation.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./antes-del-desfile1.jpg
Antonio Burillo and a model right before the show
THE 2ND SKIN CO./antes-del-desfile2.jpg
Last indications in the backstage
THE 2ND SKIN CO./antes-del-desfile3.jpg
Make-up and hairdressing

As we have told you before, every time we have a show on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid it is as if we were doing it for the first time. It is always special to see how our dresses and garments for cocktails and events come alive and walk out with the intention of attracting that feminine, elegant and sophisticated woman who seeks in her dress code a special style for both day and night looks . But every time we face a show the nerves surface and, a few minutes before, the adrenaline increases. We take care of every single detail of the show, from the designs, to the make-up or the music.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./antes-del-desfile4.jpg
Helping the model with her dress
THE 2ND SKIN CO./antes-del-desfile5.jpg
Juan Carlos Fernández with last details

For this reason the minutes before the parade are a real madness. We are always running from one place to another, we work with all our team so that our designs look like over the runway as we have planned, and for the show to run as well as possible.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./antes-del-desfile6.jpg
Last retouches
THE 2ND SKIN CO./antes-del-desfile7.jpg
Last retouches

The result? You can see it in this post in which we talk about our Lucky 27 collection show.