Already immersed in the autumn we want to tell you about a very special collection for us, Lucky 27 our Fall/Winter 19-20 collection. On this occasion we want to tell you about what inspired us when we created a complete proposal based on dresses and garments designed to make you become the ideal guest of any cocktail or event. And, although the time of weddings, baptisms and communions is still a bit distant, Christmas celebrations are getting closer every day and for this reason it seems important to share the inspiration that led us to create our collection number 27 dedicated to the positive mystery that defines chance.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./fall-winter-1920-collection1.jpg
Look from Lucky 27 collection

Lucky 27 collection is composed of a set of designs, halfway between haute couture and ready-to-wear, that we could define as midi-couture, always under our premise of offering an accessible luxury that boasts the “Made in Spain”. It is a calm, elegant and sophisticated proposal that seeks to make this type of femenine woman, strong and different fall in love with it. A whole cocktail world that we set in the streets of a city where, from the fog that invades it in a winter sunset, a group of women who seek and find their own destiny emerges, wearing coats, jumpsuits and black dresses and lilac volumes marked by XXL frills and embroidered feathers.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./fall-winter-1920-collection2.jpg
Look from Lucky 27 collection

Among our designs we find looks both for the day and night whose chromatic palette is composed of printed gazars in natural silk, orange and black micropaillettes, wool crepe in lilac and orange, as well as a powdered rose that softens and sweetens the collection.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./fall-winter-1920-collection-inspiration2.jpg
One of our looks in backstage

As we do in every autumn and winter collections, Lucky 27 saves a place for special garments such as the orange coat or the ruff that gives a special value to any ceremony suit and constitutes a real key to style.