Very often clients and followers show us their interest in all the details that surround each show. One of the most common questions we receive is: what is a fitting? That is why this time, and thanks to Yo Dona, we are going to explain in detail what is it about.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./fitting-ateliermadrid.jpg
Working in a fitting day.
THE 2ND SKIN CO./fitting-ateliermadrid2.jpg
Last retouches.

A few months ago, when we launched our The Garden Spring/Summer 2019 collection, we began uncovering those little secrets that edition after edition surround each collection show. We have already talked about both the days before the performance and this latest collection inspiration and now we want to explain in more depth and in images what is the process that our dresses and garments designed for cocktails and events live days before the show, because launching a collection means much more than designing.

We live months of hard work in which we have to think about every detail, so it is important that, once each garment is finished, all the dresses, skirts, pants ... go through the fitting to decide what look each model will wear, which sewing alterations are necessary or which accesories will complete the proposal.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./fitting-ateliermadrid3.jpg
Checking the result before the show

Only two days before the show we have to make many critical decisions that will define the result of that event , so it is of vital importance that each dress and each garment have the final touch that we have raised when designing each piece made to dazzle in any event.

But, don't miss up the next video! and discover more details about the way we work...

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