Fashion photography

Fashion photography

Fashion and photography are two closely linked disciplines that have lived and supported for decades. Fashion photographers are one of the fundamental pillars for the industry and designers, models and magazines we surrender at the feet of these magicians of visual art who know how to capture the beauty of our creations giving life to each dress and making each garment have a story to tell.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.Juergen-Teller2.jpg
Picture by Juergen Teller.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.patrickDemarchelier.jpg
Patrick Demarchelier for Dior.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.peterLindbergh1.jpg
Taken by Peter Lindbergh.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.mariotestino1.jpg
Sienna Miller in a picture by Mario Testino forVogue USA.

But fashion photography has not always been as we understand it now. This artistic discipline has varied greatly since 1927, the year in which Adolf de Meyer took what is considered the first fashion photography for Elisabeth Arden. It was born with clear commercial and advertising dyes in which the important thing was the product over art.

Luckily, from the 30s onwards, advertising and press have strengthened, allowing more space for creativity and offering a more artistic vision of photography and fashion. In these decades there are many names that have stood out in this art and many the photographs that we remember as part of that history. From "Dovima and the elephants" taken by Richard Avedon in 1955, in which the iconic model of the time poses with two elephants wearing the first Christian Dior dress designed by a young Saint Laurent, the famous photograph of the top models of the 90s, taken by Peter Lindbergh, or the famous portrait of Mario Testino to Lady Di. The styles and names to highlight are several. Irving Penn, for example, the antithesis of Avedon in the 50s with a style much more aggressive and daring than his contemporary, Helmut Newton the standard-bearer of the transgression, Guy Bourdin the eternal lover of the female silhouette, or the controversial Terry Richardson who , along with Mario Testino, has been the subject of several controversies in recent times but whose photographs for Vogue, Elle or Harper's Bazaar are worldwide known.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.avedon1.jpg
Dovima and the elephants by Richard Avedon.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.irving penn2.jpg
Taken by Irving Penn.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.nickknight1.jpg
Taken by Nick Knight.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.helmutnewton1.jpg
The Yvest Saint Laurent smoking by Helmut Newton.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.peterLindbergh2.jpg
90´s Top Models by Peter Lindbergh.

But, styles, tastes and controversies aside, it is worth highlighting the value that photography brings to fashion. Thanks to it, we find the most artistic way to reach the consumer. Fashion photographers explore new universes aimed at showing the beauty of sewing in its essence, decontextualizing each dress, each garment and creating a new story for her.

So from this spot we wanted to collect some works of our favorite photographers although there are many names and fashion photographs that have managed to fall in love.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.avedon3.jpg
Taken by Richard Avedon.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.guybourdin1.jpg
Taken by Guy Bourdin.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.horstphorst2.jpg
Taken by Horst.P.Horst.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.mariotestino2.jpg
Taken by Mario Testino.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.steven meisel2.jpg
Taken by Steven Meisel.