Immersed in the middle of Paris Fashion Week, which we attended to meet with international buyers and to enjoy the most important event in the industry, we stopped a few minutes to analyze collections, preferences and needs of our clients.

As we have said several times, at THE 2ND SKIN CO. we seek to provide design, elegance and sophistication with our proposals for cocktails and events. We think of dresses, skirts, tops, pants ... and all kinds of garments so that, on those special occasions, women feel unique. But not all occasions are the same and that is why we try to design versatile pieces that adapt to any type of event.

With "The Garden", our Spring-Summer 2019 collection, we wanted to offer different options for each moment. For example, for us, a perfect choice for the day is the off white color for simple but sophisticated designs that shed light.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./looks-dia1.jpg
Diseños de la colección “The Garden”

The cheerful prints and embroidery, in garments with strategic volumes that evoke floral shapes, and the sleeves with maxi volume are other options that we find very interesting for day events due to their cheerful, youthful and fresh character.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./looks-dia2.jpg
Diseños de la colección “The Garden”

We can not forget the minidresses that, although they are also perfect for night looks, provide a casual look for day events. Light blue has been this time one of our chosen colors for this type of looks.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./vestidos-looks-dia.jpg
Looks from “The Garden” collection