Christmas is here, the time of the year with more events, celebrations, dinners, parties ... It is time to reunite with family and friends, time to enjoy the company of our loved ones, but it is also time to dazzle with the most special looks of the winter.

As you know, at THE 2ND SKIN CO., our main mission is to offer our customers and friends the most special designs in dresses and garments for cocktails and events and Christmas is a good opportunity to look for the most sophisticated and elegant looks.

That's why, in our latest collection for Autumn/Winter 18-19, we have designed several pieces inspired by the 80s that offer a perfect timeless elegance to shine at the most exclusive Christmas dinners.

Among our favorite proposals are several mini dresses in black, an always elegant and perfect classic.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.looks-navidad1.jpg
Black dresses from L´Hiver collection

Another of our preferred options this season are the satins that bring a special touch to our more delicate and ultra feminine designs.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.looks-navidad2.jpg
Satin dresses from L´Hiver Collection.

True to one of our favorite basic colors, white could not be absent in the L'Hiver collection. Dresses in this color also seem like a good option for Christmas.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.looks-navidad3.jpg
L´Hiver Collection dresses