We confess as great lovers of the blazer, that masculine air suit and historically united to the man´s wardrobe that the great Yves Saint Laurent took out of the masculine closet in 1962 to turn it into a basics of the feminine fashion.

The tuxedo jacket has always been one of our favorite garments for the great versatility it offers without sacrificing elegance and offering an air of strength, distinction and style, beyond trends and passing fashions.

THE 2ND SKIN CO. blazer1.jpg
Tuxedo from SOUL collection A/W 16-17

It is a perfect garment to combine with pants, skirts and dresses. An ideal option to elevate any look and make it susceptible to be the protagonist in any event or cocktail in which a woman wants to make a difference.

It is for this reason that Blazers or American jackets have their place in several of our collections, especially in our L'Hiver collection for Autumn / Winter 18-19, in which this garment could not miss as a fetish garment of a powerful and selfconfident woman.

THE 2ND SKIN CO. blazer2.jpg
Blazer from L´HIVER collection A/W 18-19
THE 2ND SKIN CO. blazer3.jpg
Blazer-like long dress from L´HIVER collection A/W 18-19

But we even think it's the perfect garment for a different and daring bride that bets on style in a timeless way.

THE 2ND SKIN CO. blazer-novia.jpg
Bridal dress with blazer

That is why we want to dedicate a special tribute to one of those garments with a marked and special character that fits with our way of conceiving feminine fashion.