When we are designing each collection we always think about the possible needs that each woman may have when attending an event because not all are similar or require the same dress code.

With "The Garden" Spring/Summer 2019 collection, as with the previous collections, we want to offer a variety of possibilities when choosing dresses, skirts or any garment for cocktails and events.

We understand that not all occasions are the same and that it is very important to know how to dress properly on each occasion. That is why, this time, we have selected some of our favorite looks for evening events, for which we highlight the black color as an eternal way of elegance.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./looks-noche1.jpg
Designs from “The Garden” collection

Another of our proposals in this collection is the pink color in different variants and with which we dare in long designs for the night.

THE 2ND SKIN CO./looks-noche2.jpg
Designs from “The Garden” collection