The backstage before every show

The backstage before every show

A common question about our work is always about how do we experience each show. While it is true that each edition is different, with our latest The Garden collection, we have decided to make a brief summary about those moments that generate so much excitement.

The day of the show always begins about four hours before the event. The whole team moves to Ifema (Madrid), where each season the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week takes place , and there begins the most exciting day of each collection.

Every season we have a dressing room assigned on the day of the runway depending on the catwalk in which we have the show. In it we find our collection perfectly placed, according to each runway outing, and with all the clothes and accessories placed, as well as the photo of each model with the complete look. In this way we facilitate the work of the team so that there are no mistakes in the show because the changes of looks are made in seconds and, although the nerves make us see it endless, the show takes place in a few minutes.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.backstage1.jpg
First tests.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.backstage2.jpg
Trying on the look.

In the hours leading up to the show, we always attend journalists and media in our dressing room. Meanwhile our team is responsible for giving the last review of our designs so that everything is perfect in the show. In these moments the organization of MBFW Madrid is in charge of making tests with the models that we supervise between interview and interview.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.backstage4.jpg
During an interview.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.backstage5.jpg
Parto f our team.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.backstage3.jpg
Rehearsing the show.

One hour before the fashion show, the models go through make-up and hairdressing so that the make-up artists can embody the beauty look we have created for each fashion show. From here they will go through our dressing room to dress with the first looks and wait at the back of the catwalk to start the show, while the artistic team of the organization gives them the final touches and takes care of every detail so that their skin, their makeup and their hairstyles are perfect at the time of stepping on the catwalk.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.backstage6.jpg
Waiting for make-up.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.makeup1.jpg
Making the beauty look.

In a matter of seconds the lights go out, the music starts to sound and the show begins. Always behind the scenes, from the staging spot, we check every detail of each design and each model just before they go on the catwalk, while we check from a screen that everything goes according to plan and that the show is remaining as we had thought.

THE 2ND SKIN CO.backstage7.jpg
Make-up retouches.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.backstage8.jpg
Taking care of the model skin.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.backstage9.jpg
About to go out to the catwalk.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.backstage10.jpg
Last touches before going out to the catwalk.
THE 2ND SKIN CO.backstage11.jpg
The show has started.

A few minutes later, any nerves and an occasional panic attack, all our dresses, skirts, pants ... have seen the light. That is the moment when the accumulation of feelings explodes and adrenaline flows through our veins. A new adventure has started!.