80´s shapes

80´s shapes

The aesthetics of the 80s are among the most recognized in the history of fashion. The large shoulder pads, acid colors, slouch socks or combed hair are some of the fundamentals that we all associate with this wonderful decade in which freedom and jovial spirit empowered women.

THE 2ND SKIN CO. vestido-anos80b.jpg
Mini dress in plumetti from L´Hiver collection

With our L'Hiver collection for Fall / Winter 18-19 we wanted to look back to that golden age in which the strong and ambitious woman conquered the world, taking references from that era, but without illusions, taking time to turn it into something current and real, and always from the prism of our firm.

THE 2ND SKIN CO. vestido-anos80c.jpg
Velvet paillettes croptop from L´Hiver collection
THE 2ND SKIN CO. vestido-anos80d.jpg
Print gazaar midi dress from L´Hiver collection

For this reason, we take as a point of reference the shapes of the dresses and garments of the 80s and adapt them to our idea of a modern woman. Our Fall / Winter 18-19 collection is based on very defined structures with marked shoulders and tight waist that create very feminine silhouettes, but with a special movement in the body and skirt.

THE 2ND SKIN CO. vestido-anos80e.jpg
Paillettes top & Satén short from L´Hiver collection
THE 2ND SKIN CO. vestidos-anos80.jpg
Sweater and midi skirt from L´Hiver collection

These are forms that highlight the female silhouette without oppressing it, providing elegance, but without sacrificing comfort. We have created a collection of dresses and garments in general that claim to be the perfect option to attend cocktails and events with a touch of distinction and originality. In short, a collection full of strength that recalls the forms of the 80 but designed for the current woman.

THE 2ND SKIN CO. vestidos-anos80f.jpg
Straight midi dresss from L´Hiver collection