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“This collection celebrates the arrival of the autumn season and was inspired by the colours, perfumes, sounds and emotions that you can experience while walking in the woods in autumn.

If spring is time for renovation and summer is time of fulfillment, autumn is the time for growth and completion, which is what we wanted to deliver with this collection."

- Juan Carlos Fernández & Antonio Burillo. THE 2ND SKIN CO.

The silhouettes of the collection

Silhouettes are defined by wide volumes in which, depending on the fabric, the body shape can be perceived by the eye or is the ax of geometric volumes designed by vertical lines. Generating architectural shapes in each dress.

The colors that inspired us

Woodland is filled with chocolate browns, hints of black, and the sparkle of grey birch. Linen and lemon yellows are mixed with intense orange. Red ibntroduces the pale pink colour of this autumn forest, in which the pines and the musk lay behind this inspiration.

The fabrics that make us dream

Mohair, wool cloths, satin and wool crepe with the hand-embroidered crystals. Jacquards with floral brocade that resume the colour palette of the collection. Silk gazes, taffetas and laces come to life around the sparkling paillettes, which presence is predominant via the opera gloves used to complete several looks of the collection

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