Spring - Summer 2023


“In our case, chance is usually favorable to us. We have always followed luck as a guiding sign, as an intuition. What at first seems disposable suddenly becomes obvious and evident. Shape and volume appear before us by surprise, almost unexpected, large, immense, exaggerated, clear and distinct. The moment in which the idea itself is transformed and gains identity, dominates you, imposes itself and emerges independently, alone, as if by magic, without looking for it, although always attentive to its appearance. Just like inspiration. Suddenly you identify it, you know that this is the path, that this has been the expected revelation, what will mark the continuation. Chance and its paradoxes, the evolution of events and coincidences, luck and destiny. This is how our collections arise, this is how serendipity is born.”

- Juan Carlos Fernández & Antonio Burillo. The 2nd Skin Co.

The silhouettes of the collection

Collection of asymmetric silhouettes marked by oversize volumes and structured patterns. Wide, generous bodies that break into waists adjusted by methacrylate pieces with ties as the brand's insignia. Maxi sleeves, in many cases flared, with vertical lines that create highly architectural garments. Long and midi length dresses, with the absence of the classic mini that exceptionally only appears in the shorts of certain looks. Patterns of flight in dresses and skirts of unstructured layer. Irregular draping with a “couture” effect. Very tight undergarments in micropaillettes veiled by the most transparent and ethereal fabrics.

The colours that inspired us

The main print is bathed in a dusty pink background, where the crimson reds and mint greens of the flowers are mottled with blue spots. Floral motifs emerge in different ways. They emerge again in a white batiste embroidered with a black line. Also in the tulle, where it is perceived in those soft bas-relief textures in its two versions of nude and black. On the other hand, the paintings, again in black and white, project gray mirages onto the same three-dimensional-looking geometry. All this in a growing color combination that ranges from sky blue to emerald, from pink to cauldron or red and multiple derivatives of a wide palette of shades.

The fabrics that made us dream

We have made a careful selection of fabrics that allow us to create versatile looks, to wear both day and night. Natural fabrics such as muslin and silk organza in print and plain. Pure linen or mixed with viscose. Poplin and embroidered batiste. Textured taffetas and mikados together with crepes, paillettes and tulle, are the base that forms the substrate on which we have built the collection.

Special thanks to

Hotel InterContinental de Madrid | Maquillaje: Roberto Siguero y equipo para Lancôme Paris | Peluquería: Eduardo Sánchez y equipo para L’Oréal LP | Calzado: Cuplé para THE 2ND SKIN CO. | Coordinación de Backstage, estilismo y bisutería: Abraham Gutiérrez | Música: Dan Rain Quartet | Voz: Daniel Gómez de Zamora Sanz | Batería: Greg Meson | Bajista: Juan Bageneta | Guitarra: Manuel Cano | Jamón DOP Jamón de Teruel | Vino tinto The Empire of Garnacha 2018 – DOP Campo de Borja | Madrid es Moda

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