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“The scenes on the print fabric take us to Asia, to the images reflected in the porcelain vases and to the exciting silk road that allowed this precious product to travel between East and West.

An evocative image that immerses us in a delirious journey that ends in the old Europe of the first quarter of the twentieth century. Unique collections, composed of delicate and unreplicable pieces, such as each of the clothes we present at Porcelain, our proposal for Autumn-Winter 17/18.”

- Juan Carlos Fernández & Antonio Burillo. THE 2ND SKIN CO.

The silhouettes of the collection

Oversize volumes in coats. Corolla skirts, with volume, for mini and midi dresses. Fabrics with biased cut that draw silhouettes marked for the night. Asymmetrical sleeves and wide or firm bows are the guiding thread of our collection.

The colors that inspired us

As if this were an edition of the Kamasutra, the exaltation of color overflows in an orgy in which black, green, red, blue, pink, white and orange fuse.

Striking patterns in satin and twill with mother-of-pearl or celestial backgrounds. Floral brocades inlaid with gold metallic wire on green turquoise and with silver on a black base.

Streams of glitter from gold and ink paillettes, lights that shine on the fabrics from rhinestones, and suggestive metallic wires on details, are some of the outstanding notes that configure the universe of Porcelain.

The fabrics that make us dream

Twill and natural silk satin print with oriental motifs. Wool crepe and pastel satin. Mikados and laces that adorn details. Floral jacquard in different colors. Natural silks organzas and paillettes.

The shoes we crave for

Twenty unique pieces handcrafted in Spain and made by UNIQSHOES (uniqshoes.es) for THE 2ND SKIN CO. A collection made up of sixteen lounge shoes with 5cm heels, a bracelet and four dancers. All the shoes have been lined with pink, blue and black velvets. Thay have also been lined in the same silk fabrics and brocades as the gowns of the collection.

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  1. Long dress with bow on shoulder
    Long dress with bow on shoulder
  2. Dress with ruffle and wide skirt
    Dress with ruffle and wide skirt
  3. Paillettes turtleneck dress
    Paillettes turtleneck dress
  4. Midi dress with wide bottom
    Midi dress with wide bottom
  5. Slim midi dress
    Slim midi dress
  6. Mini dress with  paillettes turtleneck
    Mini dress with paillettes turtleneck
  7. Midi dress with ruffle sleeve
    Midi dress with ruffle sleeve
  8. Mini dress with rhinestones
    Mini dress with rhinestones
  9. Sleeveless Dress with rhinestones
    Sleeveless Dress with rhinestones
  10. Midi satin dress
    Midi satin dress
  11. Asymmetrical paillettes dress
    Asymmetrical paillettes dress
  12. Dress with ruffles & lace sleeves
    Dress with ruffles & lace sleeves
  13. Long gown with bow on back
    Long gown with bow on back
  14. Long sleeveless paillettes dress
    Long sleeveless paillettes dress
  15. Organza shirt
    Organza shirt
  16. Paillettes top
    Paillettes top
  17. Tube midi skirt
    Tube midi skirt
  18. Mikado capri pants
    Mikado capri pants
  19. Mikado strapless gown
    Mikado strapless gown
  20. Asymmetrical mini dress
    Asymmetrical mini dress
We seek the highest quality garments, made by the best ateliers and couture craftsmen in Spain. 100% Made In Spain.
We believe in sustainable development with a short cycle based on local production and a minimal carbon footprint.