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“We wanted to design a capsule collection specially adapted to our expansion on both the north-american and the sout-american markets. This capsule collection gathers our most emblematic models as a celebration of our 10th anniversary and our presence at the New York Fashion Week, next September."

- Juan Carlos Fernández & Antonio Burillo. The 2ND SKIN CO.

The silhouettes of the collection

Ample volumes and silhouettes are expressed through mini short dresses, straight pants or bodies with puffed sleeves.

Embroidered floral applications and silicone and crystal details define a colorful, cheerful collection for the next 2017 Spring - Summer season.

The colors that inspire us

The natural silk gazar with a floral print is the color base for the whole palette of tones of the collection. From our brand's mythical nude to fuchsia, pink, green and red, all those colours reflect the tonalities of the floral print base.

The fabrics that make us dream

Organza, mikados, natural silk and cotton gazar, all offer a wide range of fresh and feminine textures for this collection.

Shopping Options
  1. Mikado dress with volume
    Mikado dress with volume
  2. Collar embroidered dress
    Collar embroidered dress
  3. Puffed sleeves dress
    Puffed sleeves dress
  4. Organza strapless dress
    Organza strapless dress
  5. Sleeveless gazar dress
    Sleeveless gazar dress
  6. Dress with asymmetric embroidery
    Dress with asymmetric embroidery
  7. Long sleeves gazar dress
    Long sleeves gazar dress
  8. Organza embroidered dress
    Organza embroidered dress
  9. Neck flowers sleeveless dress
    Neck flowers sleeveless dress
  10. Strapless dress
    Strapless dress
  11. Gazar print coat
    Gazar print coat
  12. Embroidered organza top
    Embroidered organza top
  13. Puffed sleeves top
    Puffed sleeves top
  14. Embroidered organza top
    Embroidered organza top
  15. Organza shirt
    Organza shirt
  16. Gazar print skirt
    Gazar print skirt
  17. Mikado trousers
    Mikado trousers
  18. Cotton trousers
    Cotton trousers
  19. Gazar trousers
    Gazar trousers
  20. Oversize mikado coat
    Oversize mikado coat
We seek the highest quality garments, made by the best ateliers and couture craftsmen in Spain. 100% Made In Spain.
We believe in sustainable development with a short cycle based on local production and a minimal carbon footprint.