Evening at Kaufmann's

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Evening at Kaufmann's

The Evening at Kaufmann's collection brings us back to the 70's and the summer parties organized by the Kaufmann's family in Palm Springs.

The SS15 collection of THE 2ND SKIN CO. was inspired by those parties,capturing their style and the sophistication of that decade's high society.

That's the reason why we wanted to recreate this tyoe of productions for our SS15 campaing featuring Alejandra de Rojas.

Alejandra is an "it-girl" from the high society: a style icon, a revolutionary, a rebel and a business woman; a woman who embodies the spirit of our collection.

She represents nowadays celebrities, who in a 70s retro stylism and shots in movement, captures the essence of shooting session back then.

The tone of the collection is extracted from an evocative image of the 70s. A picture from Slim Aarons takes us to Palm Springs. A party at the Kaufmann's is about to start. In the garden, close to the pool, the hosts are expecting. The first guests show up. Liz, Aretha and Mrs. Davis are the first to arrive. The chords of a Donna Summer song in the air...

During the 70s, a photographical revolution took place in fashion magazines like Vogue or Harpers Bazaar, with a continuous parade of celebrities on their cover and their editorials.

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