Ibiza resort 2020

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Ibiza Resort 2020

“The aesthetics of our Resort ’20 collection is defined by the importance we have given to color. The great contrasts of strong colors are harmoniously combined in structured and fluid silhouettes in a collection inspired by summer nights and their colorful sunsets. Moments at which THE 2ND SKIN CO. woman enjoys the outdoors with gazar dresses with floral patterns moved by the wind."

- Juan Carlos Fernández & Antonio Burillo. THE 2ND SKIN CO.

The silhouettes of the collection

The volumes are structured in oversize garments, maxi frills and large ties, so iconic of the brand. Mini and midi dresses, sets that take a point more day and volumes of great mobility in the looks made in organza and gazar.

The colors that inspired us

The collection is "color block". The color contrasts are given by ranges of mint green, purple, yellow and strawberries with touches of black. Floral patterns alternate with the color combinations of striped fabrics.

The fabrics that make us dream

Mikados, organza and floral print gazares add to combinations of fabrics.

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  1. Straight cut mini dress
    Straight cut mini dress
  2. Asymmetric mini dress
    Asymmetric mini dress
  3. Oversize midi dress
    Oversize midi dress
  4. Mini shirt dress
    Mini shirt dress
  5. Mini dress with organza bows
    Mini dress with organza bows
  6. Strapless mini dress
    Strapless mini dress
  7. Midi dress with volume
    Midi dress with volume
  8. Printed mini dress
    Printed mini dress
  9. Midi dress with volume
    Midi dress with volume
  10. Straight mini dress
    Straight mini dress
  11. Mini dress with bows
    Mini dress with bows
  12. Perkins neck top
    Perkins neck top
  13. Floral print top
    Floral print top
  14. Top with bow
    Top with bow
  15. Straight top
    Straight top
  16. Capri trosers
    Capri trosers
  17. Mikado capri trousers
    Mikado capri trousers
  18. Midi skirt with volume
    Midi skirt with volume
  19. Taffeta lúrex mini skirt
    Taffeta lúrex mini skirt
  20. Short tuxedo jacket
    Short tuxedo jacket
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