Ad hoc

Fall - Winter 21/22

Ad hoc

“The Latin expression 'AD-HOC' means something that is specially made or thought for a specific purpose or situation. In the current moment, where a cocktail or a special event has been postponed in time, we wanted to transfer the prominence of our star piece, the dress, to a series of other versatile, combinable and nuanced garments that enable us to 'play' with looks as well as with the day and the night. Our 'paillettes' are still very present in this collection and, combined with daytime fabrics such as wool, wool crepe or taffeta, they provide a contrast that fascinates us, giving shine to everyday life. And yes, the paillettes are also for the day.”

- Juan Carlos Fernández & Antonio Burillo. The 2nd Skin Co.

The silhouettes of the collection

High waists and garments that can be flexibly combined predominate. The collection is made up of palazzo pants, paillettes, bermuda shorts, wide skirts and dresses more oriented to parties, although they do not constitute the central axis on this occasion. The jackets and coats stand out, with volume and a lucid effect of the vinyl mixed together in an elegant and contemporary way. Finally the skirt-pants is a proposal that we've developed for the first time in this collection.

The colours that inspired us

The collection is developed around two color blocks, fuchsia and blue, with black and camel as the common thread. The vanilla and pearly tones also stand out.

The fabrics that made us dream

We introduce for the first time a sophisticated vinyl, which we use alone or in combination with marabou feathers. Other fabrics such as cotton twill, wool crepe, lace or taffeta are developed to be combined with paillettes tops in various colors.

Special thanks to

Lancôme Paris

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  1. Strapless dress
    Strapless dress
  2. Paillettes mini dress
    Paillettes mini dress
  3. Mikado dress
    Mikado dress
  4. Tafetta mini dress
    Tafetta mini dress
  5. Two-tone jumpsuit
    Two-tone jumpsuit
  6. Paillettes long dress
    Paillettes long dress
  7. Paillettes shirt
    Paillettes shirt
  8. Vinyl jacket
    Vinyl jacket
  9. Twill top
    Twill top
  10. Taffeta scarf
    Taffeta scarf
  11. Taffeta dress
    Taffeta dress
  12. Mini crepe dress
    Mini crepe dress
  13. Sarong pants
    Sarong pants
  14. Crepe & paillettes mini dress
    Crepe & paillettes mini dress
  15. Lace & paillettes trousers
    Lace & paillettes trousers
  16. Paillettes top
    Paillettes top
  17. Mikado skirt
    Mikado skirt
  18. Lace shirt
    Lace shirt
  19. Peplum jacket
    Peplum jacket
  20. Crepe pants
    Crepe pants
  21. Embroidered top
    Embroidered top
  22. Palazzo pants
    Palazzo pants
  23. Two-tone pants
    Two-tone pants
  24. Wool crepe skirt
    Wool crepe skirt
  25. Crepe pants
    Crepe pants
  26. Wool crepe top
    Wool crepe top
  27. Dress shirt
    Dress shirt
  28. Taffeta top
    Taffeta top
  29. High crepe pants
    High crepe pants
  30. Wool crepe coat
    Wool crepe coat
  31. Lace skirt
    Lace skirt
  32. Organza shirt
    Organza shirt
  33. Belt
  34. Top with feathers
    Top with feathers
  35. Feathers shirt
    Feathers shirt
  36. American vinyl
    American vinyl
  37. Lace dress
    Lace dress
  38. Paillettes lapel blazer
    Paillettes lapel blazer
  39. Ruffle dress
    Ruffle dress
  40. Taffeta coat
    Taffeta coat
  41. Gloves
  42. Taffeta & paillettes top
    Taffeta & paillettes top
  43. Knee lace dress
    Knee lace dress
  44. Paillettes shorts
    Paillettes shorts
  45. Two-tone skirt
    Two-tone skirt
  46. Feathers top
    Feathers top
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