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About us

"About Us talks about those women close to our values, to our aesthetics. It talks about our most loyal friends and clients, about our roots and origins. In a year in which relationships and affection have been more important than ever, we want to dedicate this latest collection to all those people we love, with one final goal: shed light and glitter to the next 2021 Spring"

- Juan Carlos Fernández & Antonio Burillo. The 2ND SKIN CO.

The silhouettes of the collection

As usual in all our collections, volume always plays an important role and, in About us, we reinterpret the female figure with structured garments that detach from the body, giving a feeling of freedom and comfort. Oversized-looking dresses, mostly flared skirts, some pencils, sets of large ruffles and the eternal THE 2ND SKIN CO. bows that bring that feminine magic so characteristic of the brand.

The colours that inspired us

The chromatic development was born from a mixture of pinks, limes, yellows and oranges that are all combined with black and white, in order to create a patchwork of colours and textures, the main axis on which this collection revolves. From this anchor, the colors work together or separately, giving rise to a bright, clean and, above all, delicate color palette.

The fabrics that make us dream

About us is created in taffeta, mikado, a large flowers jacquard with gold thread, natural silk gauze, paillettes ... the embroidered cambric, linen and guipure give a rather “day” atmosphere, without neglecting that cocktail halo the collection has.

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  1. Guipure dress
    Guipure dress
  2. Patch shift dress
    Patch shift dress
  3. Patch balloon dress
    Patch balloon dress
  4. Oversize dress
    Oversize dress
  5. Patch mini dress
    Patch mini dress
  6. Embroidered batiste jumpsuit
    Embroidered batiste jumpsuit
  7. Paillettes top
    Paillettes top
  8. Guipure shirt
    Guipure shirt
  9. Long paillettes trousers
    Long paillettes trousers
  10. City shorts
    City shorts
  11. Guipure trousers
    Guipure trousers
  12. Patch mikado trousers
    Patch mikado trousers
  13. Paillettes shorts
    Paillettes shorts
  14. Mikado skirt
    Mikado skirt
  15. Guipure skirt
    Guipure skirt
We seek the highest quality garments, made by the best ateliers and couture craftsmen in Spain. 100% Made In Spain.
We believe in sustainable development with a short cycle based on local production and a minimal carbon footprint.